This week I ventured to the Chinatown area in DC to try my first class at Bar Method. I’ve taken barre classes before, so I knew what to expect…or at least I THOUGHT I was ready. This was probably one of the top 2 barre classes I’ve ever taken, and I’m so excited to go back again next week!

It was a mid-day class, and it was an Express 45 minute class. Totally makes sense because the area is filled with office buildings, and this express Bar Method class is a perfect lunchtime activity to get your body moving. Overall I loved the facility. It was clean, bright and calm. The check-in process was easy and stress-free, I was given a tour and found a space in the studio to setup.

Once class started, I was quickly reminded of the uncontrollable shaking that barre classes causes. We worked all the major muscle groups, and no group was left without that uncontrollable shaking. I will say that we worked the core, glutes and quads the most (which I’m not mad about!) I absolutely love the shaking feeling! I know for sure that if I can shake in class, I will feel it the next day!

After class, many of the students changed back into their work attire. Although the class was difficult and the workout was effective, it wasn’t an intense cardio session so we didn’t sweat profusely. I think this is very important for those that want to workout on their lunch break! Bar Method does have showers so that anyone can take a quick rinse before heading back to work, but I don’t think everyone needed a shower. So class was great, the staff was helpful, the space was extremely clean and inviting…and I’ll be back! I’ll be glad to incorporate Bar Method into my weekly routine…and I am beyond positive that my body will thank me! My muscle definition is about to be outta control!