Another day, another chance to cross train! I’ve made it a personal goal to cross-train more often this year, and ClassPass has been such an asset to achieving that goal already. When I have a few free hours during the day, I log in to ClassPass and pick a class to take. So yesterday I stumbled across a TRX Bootcamp class that fit into my schedule and sounded like fun! I’ve never taken an entire TRX class, so I was intrigued. I’ve worked with the TRX here and there, but never for the duration of an entire class. So my curiosity made me hit the “Reserve” button on ClassPass and I was on my way to Mint Gym!

So I get to Mint and its a BEAUTIFUL facility! As soon as I walk into the door, the TRX Bootcamp setup is right by the door…and the setup is incredible! Not only does the class use the TRX Suspension Trainer in class, but we also use free weights, medicine balls, tires, steps and everything you can think of to get in a good workout! So mentally I’m preparing myself for a really tough experience…and that’s exactly what I got…and then some. Our instructor Liz Harvey is a BEAST! She gave us 2 different  workout blocks to complete after a really tough warm-up…and the blocks were timed. The class was formatted like a bootcamp (obvi) with the TRX Suspension Trainer incorporated into majority of each block. Before we started any exercise Liz demonstrated the movement AND gave modifications for any injury. This is SO important to look for in any fitness class. The instructor should always be able to demonstrate the movement EFFECTIVELY and give modifications for anyone that cannot complete the exercise! This is how I can always gauge how experienced an instructor is…so in my book Liz is an A+++ Instructor!

So anywho…the workout was HARD and I left a sweaty mess but I LOVED IT! I liked having different blocks to complete in a certain amount of time. This gives me (as the student) the opportunity to go at my own pace, but also to challenge myself to get more sets in each time we do a new block. So each block was completed 3 times, and in between the blocks we did a cardio burst (which was also killer). The TRX Suspension Trainer added another level of intensity to the workout because to balance the body, the entire core must be engaged to avoid falling to the ground. There is no TRX work without using the core, it’s just not possible! The TRX Suspension Training was developed by Navy SEALS, and don’t let the flimsy looking straps fool you. You can perform over 300 exercises ANYWHERE with the TRX Suspension Trainer, and you will DEFINITELY feel the soreness in the morning. The TRX is not to be underestimated…and neither is Liz Harvey! She is knowledgeable, her class is upbeat, very intense and motivating at the same time! Oh and her music is DOPE!

So do yourself a favor and find your way to her TRX Bootcamp class at Mint DC!!! Trust me…you won’t regret it and your body will thank you! I’m definitely making this class a part of my monthly routine! Her TRX Bootcamp class activated muscles that I haven’t used in quite some time, and the SORENESS IS REAL…and REALLY SATISFYING! If you want a challenge and if you want to change your body, book a class with Liz Harvey! And after you go take her class let me know how you feel! XOXO