Ok loves! Week 16 of this pregnancy and I’m feeling pretty great! So far i’ve been teaching 10-12 SoulCycle classes each week and I’ve been riding about 85% of each class! I can tell that my body is changing and I am getting more winded with cardio. I was informed by my doctor that exercise is essential to a healthy pregnancy, and to keep doing what I’m doing but listen to my body while working out.

Of course there are certain exercises that I need to steer clear of, especially ab exercises because there is now a human in my abdomen! However, the workouts must go on! So here’s the workout I did this 3 time this week!

  • -25 Minutes Cardio on Elliptical (alternating intensity with resistance increasing and decreasing)
  • -60 Weighted Side Bends (30 Bends per side using 10 lbs. dumbbells)
  • -50 Weighted Squats (using 15lbs. medicine ball)
  • -50 Bicep Curls (Using 10 lbs. Weights)
  • -50 Weighted Tricep Extensions (Using 10 lbs. dumbbells)
  • -30 Weighted Machine Rows (using 30lbs.)
  • -40 Bird Dogs

This workout felt great for my body and it was a nice alternative to all the cardio I do during the week at SoulCycle.

Let me know what you think! If you’re pregnant now, are you working out?! Wanna try this workout?! If you have been pregnant before, did you workout? And what worked for you?! If you’re looking to get pregnant…start working out now! The more active you are, the easier your pregnancy will be (so my doctor tells me).