Natural Hair…a blessing and a curse (but way more of a blessing). My hair is long, and curly, and natural which I love…but can be a hassle when it comes to working out! I’ve never had a relaxer or any chemical process done to my hair, but occasionally I will have it straightened with a blow dryer and flat iron (see picture below). This is VERY RARE because I sweat for a living. A straightened style never lasts more than 24 hours because I teach and/or workout every day of the week. I’ve never been the greatest at doing my own hair (I’m pretty good at brushing it into a bun and laying down my edges, but that’s about all you’ll get from me).

With this being said, my hair is either out and curly, or pulled back into a bun. There’s very little variation when it comes to styling my hair, which can get pretty boring. I’ve had individual twists before, and I loved them, but I hated the process (sitting in a chair for 6 hours while 3 women pulled on my hair at the same time was BRUTAL and PAINFUL). I’ve tried weave before, but wasn’t a huge fan because I didn’t like having to get it redone every 2 weeks to have my scalp cleaned properly. I sweat A LOT in my scalp, so the sweat accumulated in the braids and I was constantly washing my hair, which felt like more work than I would have without the weave!

So this is my dilemma…I love my hair, I just don’t love doing it! So here’s my quest…I am making a vow to myself this year that I will work on finding new styles and products that work for my curly hair…and I will share my findings and product reviews with you! And if you have any recommendations or suggestions PLEASE SHARE! If you have a product that works for you or styling process that works for you…let me know! I will try it!

There are so many articles and studies done about women of color avoiding the gym because of haircare issues. I am convinced that there is a way around this. I will never sacrifice my health for my hair. We can have it all, we can do it all…we just need the right products and know-how! So this is my journey to find more ways to style my natural hair and use the best products to care for it! Who’s with me?!?!