OUR SKIN SWEATS! We all have skin and we all have sweat glands, and yes, some of us may sweat more than others! Let me put myself in that first group that sweats a lot. Everyday I find myself in an environment that encourages sweating..because we’re putting in WORK! Whether I’m teaching at SoulCycle, Kangoo Jumps, Boot Camp classes, or Personal Training…I am CONSTANTLY sweating and wiping myself off! It’s natural and I consider sweating a blessing! I’m working and doing something good for myself, I’m releasing toxins from my body, and the sweat is just one of the prizes I get awarded!

So when I heard about a skincare line formulated just for women that sweat a lot, I was immediately interested and astounded that no one had come up with the concept before (at least to my knowledge). Now I’m starting to question…how is this any different from my daily skincare regimen? Is the process any different? Are the products going to dry my skin out? Will the Fré regimen take longer? So…many…questions. I needed answers, so I decided to give it a try. The Fré set includes 3 steps…purify, revive and protect! These are the same steps I take daily! I’ve always used a facial cleanser followed by a serum then sunscreen. WHEW! Ok, so I don’t have to change my process. HUGE RELIEF!

Now, onto the ingredients and how this skincare line is good for the skin. One word. Argan. I’ve heard the word a million times in reference to haircare products and skincare, but I wasn’t clear about exactly how Argan oil is beneficial. So I did a little research and found that the Argan plant is grown in Morocco, and the plant produces oil that is high in antioxidants and fatty acids that help moisturize the skin. Argan oil has also been found to have anti-aging properties  and agents that protect the skin from UV rays.

So when I tried the Fré set for 1 week I was pleasantly surprised. My first finding was that the products are very light and absorb very easily into the skin. This is important because once I start sweating, I don’t want my skin feeling heavy and clogged. It’s just uncomfortable. So Fré is a winner in the texture department. The facial cleanser was nice and light with small exfoliating beads. It was refreshing, and a little less harsh than what I’m used to. I normally use my Clairsonic brush to cleanse my face, and the Fré cleanser was definitely a more mild feeling. I think I prefer to use my Clairsonic at night to really clean my pores well. The serum is also nice and light with a nice scent. Th serum is what gave my skin a nice glow (which I have been getting compliments on!). The sunscreen is my favorite part of the set. It’s very light and doesn’t give that grey and ashy look once applied. And it sinks into the skin quickly so you can go about your day! I MUST wear sunscreen year-round because I tan easily and sometimes my tan is unevenly! So sunscreen is a must and I LOVE the Fré sunsceen!

Overall I like the Fré set mainly because it feels good and its convenient to have all the products together and ready quickly. If you’re on-the-go like me, this is a good set to keep in your gym bag and it’s great for everyday use. I can’t say that I felt a huge difference in my skin. I do notice that my skin looks brighter which is always nice, and the Fré set is super hydrating which I LOVE! I will continue to use the set for sure and I’ll keep you all posted with any new findings! I’m excited to watch my skin brighten up even more over time, and I think Fré is going to be just right for me and my sweaty skin!

ALSO…if you’d like to try the Fré skincare set, I HAVE A COUPON CODE FOR YOU!!! Go to the Fre site and type in the code “Rochelle” when you’re ready to checkout to get 25% off!!! Try it out and let me know what you think!!!