Mid-day napping…an activity that many enjoy, but is hard for me to partake in. My body is on a clock…almost everyday I’m up by 6am. Even if I can “sleep in” for the day, I am up. It has always been so hard for me to sleep when the sun is up; I rarely use an alarm clock because I’m so accustomed to waking up early naturally.

I’m envious of my friends that can sleep in and can take mid-day naps. The concept sounds so relaxing and rejuvenating! So when I saw that ClassPass offered a “Power Nap” session that fit in between my SoulCycle classes for the day…I was curious and intrigued and hopeful that maybe someone has the answer to my mid-day napping dreams! So I booked a 25 minute Power Nap session and drove over to Recharj!

Within the first few seconds of walking into Recharj, I felt relaxed. The vibe was mellow, the music was soft and melodic, the smell was pleasant and calming and the lighting was low and blue. It was dreamy, and I was excited. Maybe my hopes to finally take an actual nap during the day would be answered!

So I was setup in a pod-like space…almost like a cocoon. I positioned my body onto a huge beanbag that enveloped my body like memory foam, and was given an eye mask. As soon as that eye mask hit my eyes, I felt calm and carefree. It was the combination of darkness, the cocoon feel of the beanbag, the calming smells and the calming music that made me relax. I didn’t fall asleep right away (mainly because my mind was racing with thoughts like “this is such a great idea, why didn’t I think of this, I’m so glad I have ClassPass, etc.). But I do know that I eventually fell asleep…I’m just not sure for how long. But the fact that I actually fell asleep in the middle of the day…means that I am now a fan of Recharj…and I can testify that IT WORKS! I left feeling refreshed and recharged! I felt great!

I highly recommend trying Recharj if you need a quick boost in the middle of the day! They also offer Meditation sessions (which I plan to try very soon)! If you’re anything like me, and you need help sleeping…you’ve gotta try Recharj. Even if you’re great at taking mid-day naps on your own, I would still recommend Recharj for the ambiance! It’s so lovely!


Enjoy loves..and SLEEP ON!