Ok loves…not gonna lie, my body has been terribly craving 2 things lately. HEAT and YOGA!

With the colder weather quickly beating me down, I need heat. And with my daily SoulCycle  classes (LOVE), I’m not only looking for other ways to move my body, but I’m also looking for better ways to stretch, breathe and loosen my muscles. COREPOWER TO THE RESCUE!

I signed up for the Hot Power Fusion class at the Georgetown location and let me tell you…it was just what my body needed! Hot Power Fusion was not like a typical hot yoga class…it was EPIC! You may or may not know, but I used to be almost addicted to Bikram yoga! I still LOVE it, but I’ll admit I have been slacking in my practice. But I’ve made it a personal goal to get back into my Yoga practice this year. So anywho, the CorePower Hot Power Fusion was amazingly difficult, and I loved it!

So the room was heated to about 100 degrees, and the class was only 60 minutes. Besides the varying flow of the Hot Power Fusion class, I will say that the main difference between HPF and Bikram is the speed. The HPF flow speed was a lot quicker than the Bikram flow. We went through various flows and poses quickly but each pose was still centered on the breath. One component I LOVED about the HPF class was the CORE WORK! We completed different poses that worked on just the core and it was amazing. The core flow almost had a pilates mat feel, and the heat intensified the work! We worked every muscle in the abdominal wall, and by the end of the class my abs were on FIRE! Also, the music our instructor played was more upbeat than anything I’ve ever heard in a Bikram class. The music helped me breathe through each pose, and it was fun and inspiring. I liked the challenge of not knowing the flow of class. In Bikram, I always know what is coming next. In the HPF class I was caught off guard, which made me really focus on each pose and my breath.

The instructor was nice and gave hands-on assistance, I loved the studio and the energy was amazing! I’ll definitely be back to CorePower very soon…feel free to join me! Hit  me up when you’d like to go!!!


Also, I took this class with my good friend Kristian Henderson! Check her out at http://www.drkristianh.com/ !!!


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