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I am a certified Personal Trainer.  I take a holistic approach understanding that weight loss and management isn’t just something we approach from the number on the scale.  We eat for different reasons, we gain weight in different areas, we lose, plateau and regain weight differently, so I create personalized plans for each of my clients, however everyone can stop by my site for information geared specifically for their very own needs. -Rochelle 


My exercise programs fit your lifestyle and level of fitness. Whether you have a gym membership or prefer working out at home, we have workout routines that take very little equipment and can be done almost anywhere..


24/7 healthy lifestyle coaching and support.

Total Health and Happiness

I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. With that being, I understand that everyone has different needs and comfort levels! Many people like Group Fitness because of the sense of community, and having a group of people holding one accountable for acheiving set goals. On the other hand, many people enjoy Personal Training sessions for the individualized hands-on work. Maybe you have a specific goal you want to achieve that needs a little more attention.
Either way…I’m here to help! I’m here to hold you accountable for the goals you set. When you win, I win!

Welcome To The Fab Fit Life !!

A healthy lifestyle is not a race, it’s a journey and what you and I do together along the way will help you reach and maintain your health and weight goals. We’re on this journey together, as I am constantly learning and growing daily. I vow to share all of my findings with you from fitness, to recipes, to wellness approaches, to everyday lifestyle findings! The Fab Life is a community centered on growth and enlightenment towards total health and happiness. Total health and happiness is totally attainable. Ready yet?

Why You Should Contact Me?

  • Get back into shape after a long break, injury or child birth
  • Reduce body fat and create lean body mass
  • Improve core strength, (which helps firm and flatten the belly) 
  • Make a total lifestyle change and create long-lasting healthy habits
  • Motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age!
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What I Have to Offer

  • Initial measurements, program design, and goal setting
  • Ongoing assessments and  program adjustments based on results
  • Weekly structured workouts in the studio, your gym, or at home
  • Monthly training and cardio calendar
  • 24/7 healthy lifestyle coaching and support
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Fab Fitness is your one stop shop to meet and exceed your lifestyle goals!

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