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My Mission is to educate my clients on  the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle! I will hold you accountable while you achieve your goals!

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I have helped hundreds of people, lose, gain and/or maintain a healthy weight. If you would like to work with me one-on-one,

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Ro Rocks !!

” I’ve taken a spin class taught by Ro and I loved the intensity and motivation she gave the entire class! Her energy is great and contiguous!”

Lauren Brown

Best Work Out Ever !!

“All I can say is Rochelle is by far one of the best exercise instructors I have ever had!!! I’ve taken all types of exercise classes but never have I had an instructor that has had the energy, knowledge and enthusiasm as Rochelle. She made me want to go hard and push myself more and I definitely saw the results. I’m just so sad that she is not teaching Kangoo Jumps class anymore. For a fun, energetic and intense workout she is THE BEST ! “

Karen Marshall

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I Can’t Feel My Face!

New Mask Alert! You all know I live for skincare and I love a good facial or face mask. So I stumbled upon this Que Bella skincare line, and I thought “what the heck, I’ve never found a charcoal mask that I didn’t like”. Now I won’t say...

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Lucky Number (Cut) 7!

OK loves…so for the past few weeks I’ve been hearing rants and raves about a fitness studio called Cut Seven. I’ve had so many of my students, studio managers and fitness friends talk about Cut Seven being the ULTIMATE workout. So immediately I was...

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The Natural Girl Struggle

Natural Hair…a blessing and a curse (but way more of a blessing). My hair is long, and curly, and natural which I love…but can be a hassle when it comes to working out! I’ve never had a relaxer or any chemical process done to my hair, but...

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More Pressure Please!

Compression doesn’t get the right rep! Many people think support and compression are synonymous when it comes to the fitness world. So much athletic-wear offers compression not only for support, but also for quicker muscle recovery. Compression clothing also...

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Kangoo Boot Shoe Size Information

Small:       US Men 3 – 6.5  |  US Women 4 – 7
Medium:  US Men 6 – 8.5  |  US Women 7.5 – 9.5
Large:       US Men 9 -11.5 | US Women 10- 12.5

Cancellation Policy

Class must be cancelled by 6pm on the previous day for a full refund. If you do not cancel within the allotted time period your class will be charged to your series… no exceptions. Students can cancel their classes online only, please no phone calls.

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