Winter is finally here (sad face)! We’ve had a pretty mild winter season thus far…but the cold temperatures and blistering winds have arrived. You know what reacts to the cold temperatures first?! MY SKIN! The winter season isn’t the kindest to my skin, so I’m always looking for new products to keep my skin feeling fresh and hydrated!

So I heard through the grapevine, that Shea Moisture has a line of face masks that are awesome! So of course I had to try one! My main focus in the winter is hydration! My skin gets pretty dry and dull in the cold, so I wanted to find a face mask to fight dull skin. VOILA! Shea Moisture to the rescue! I tried the Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask…and I give it 5 STARS!!! My skin felt AMAZING during and after the mask! I cleaned my face with my regular facial cleanser then applied the Shea Moisture Mud Mask after! After about 5 minutes I felt the mask start to tighten on my skin, and after a good 20 minutes the mask was completely dry. (The instructions recommend leaving the mask on for 10 minutes then rinsing it off…for me, 10 minutes was not enough time. It took about 20 minutes for the mask to dry completely) While drying, the mask felt very refreshing and cooling. I could feel the ingredients working!

So the coconut oil is super hydrating (thumbs up), while the Hibiscus plant has natural gentle acids that exfoliate the skin (hence the brightening components). The Hibiscus plant is also rich in antioxidants, which help rid our skin of pollutants that we encounter daily. Hibiscus is also great for evening skin tone! Now the Songyi Mushroom ingredient was new to me, so I did a little research and this little fungus is POWERFUL! The Songyi Mushroom is used to promote new skin cell growth, and is actually a natural and gentle safe skin lightener. The Songyi mushroom is used often overseas to lighten skin pigmentation problems in a gentler way than chemicals like hydroquinone.

Using coconut, Hibiscus and the Songyi Mushroom altogether…a trio from the skincare Gods!  And I was SO happy that I was able to purchase a single-use sized portion just to try the product out. I was so pleased with how my skin felt after using the mask, that I went back and purchased the full sized jar! Now I’m adding this to my Winter skincare routine! New Skin..Who Dis?!