New Year, new strength, new classes, new OBSESSION! And my search for the best cross-training methods led me to Urban Boxing DC. The 12pm Boxing class with Mike Easton is FIRE! It is a FULL body workout (we do cardio and strengthening mat work) that is tiring, empowering, fun and overall badass! The 1 hour workout feels quick, until you’re out of breath and drenched in sweat! And not a minute is wasted!

We start out with the warm up, that quickly heats the body up! From lunges to jumping jacks to squats to crunches…to whatever Mike tells us to do. The warm up is no joke, and it gets your body ready for the ultimate battle…against the heavy bag! We move to the heavy bag with combinations… like jab,jab, cross, uppercut, move. Mike shows us each move first, then he gives us the combination, as if we’re fighting a person! So every punch and move is to counteract what the opponent might do! WHEW! Just know, that the class is no joke…and I am now HOOKED! I’ve been back twice and I can see this becoming a weekly ordeal for me! And that mid-day class is busy, so reserve your bag in advance!

I highly recommend Urban Boxing DC if you want an intense full-body workout. It’s not only a physical workout, it’s mental as well. There’s something about hitting a heavy bag, but imagining your opponent, while Mike encourages you to keep fighting…that is so mentally empowering. You can put whatever or whoever you want on that heavy bag, and fight it out. I LOVE IT! My body loves it too! I wake up the morning after class, feeling sore and SUPER SATISFIED! I’ll be back for my next fight very soon!