Ok loves, so since I moved back to DC in December, I have been getting so many recommendations for fitness studios to try in the area. I’ve made it a personal goal of 2017 to try as many studios and fitness formats as possible…and with my SoulCycle schedule being so full, I know my body will need to crosstrain as much as possible.

So yesterday I tried SolidCore for the first time with my girl Cher (AMAZING SoulCycle instructor! Book a bike in her class ASAP, you won’t regret it!), and it was an experience! Everyone told me that SolidCore is a difficult workout…I will feel it the next morning…it’s a slow-paced class…it’s a great workout. It was all of those things, and I am definitely feeling it this morning! I took the 12pm class at West End with Loren B and it was great! She was very encouraging and descriptive, and she gave everyone individual hands-on corrections the entire time. All I knew walking through the door was that we workout on a reformer-like machine…and that’s exactly it! We did a series of slow movements that worked the core until exhaustion. When I say you work the muscles until your body shakes, I’m dead serious. We went through a series of exercises that worked the core (obvi), glutes, arms and legs. It was a full body experience like no other. We worked every abdominal muscle multiple times and the workout was very balanced. Everything we did on the left side was also completed on the right side, and this morning both sides of my body are SUPER sore and satisfied.

During the SolidCore class, Loren gave us time increments instead of reps and sets to complete. So we held the positions for maybe 30 seconds or so, then pulsed in that position. We held various positions on the machine and the goal was to be as controlled as possible. We focused on working the slow-twitch muscles, which is great for anyone wanting to increase endurance! The machine was resistance-based, so we moved against the resistance which made the movements heavy and strenuous, but incredibly strengthening. I guarantee taking this class multiple times a week will beget amazing results! Loren’s music definitely helped keep the class upbeat, and for a hot second I forgot I was dying!

Overall it was a great workout! I’m glad I tried it and I’ll be back! I highly recommend SolidCore to anyone that wants a hard-core workout. You will leave sweaty, a little bit dazed, and wanting more! My entire abdominal wall is super sore this morning, WHICH I LOVE! SolidCore…I’ll be back for you!