Compression doesn’t get the right rep! Many people think support and compression are synonymous when it comes to the fitness world. So much athletic-wear offers compression not only for support, but also for quicker muscle recovery. Compression clothing also keeps the muscles warm while working out to avoid muscle strain! So yes, compression clothing is great! But let’s take it 1 step further….what if we could use serious compression for muscle recovery, in the form of a service!!!

Bring on the NORMATEC at DistrictCryo! This machine worked WONDERS on my legs! The Normatec uses a massage pattern with 3 techniques to really maximize recovery (and my legs really needed some work after teaching 15 classes the previous week)! The machine rotates between pulsing, gradients and distal release to help move fluids from the legs…and let me tell you, the feeling was INCREDIBLE! It was EUPHORIA! The best comparison I can give for the feeling, is like a blood pressure machine. When the blood pressure reader releases, that area feels a sense of relief and exhilaration, and that’s what the Normatec feels like, but all over the legs! Every muscle gets that feeling of release!

So if you’re an avid fitness fanatic, or even if you dabble in working out but don’t stretch enough, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you head over to DistrictCryo to try the Nomatec! You wont’ be disappointed! Your legs will thank me!