I cannot believe I’ve reached the halfway mark of this pregnancy! When I say this has been a WHIRLWIND of emotions and thoughts and wants and needs and everything…that’s still an understatement. I was warned about a few things like pregnancy hormones and pregnancy brain, but I definitely underestimated how drastic my emotional being would change,

I wouldn’t consider myself a very moody person in general. (Maybe I should have my closest friends and fiancé write their own blog post to confirm/deny this statement) But I will say that being pregnant has made me more aware of my emotions, and how quickly they change. The physical changes that I’m seeing in my body, trigger emotions of sadness, anxiety, confusion and an odd sense of pride and delight that I’ve never felt before. It’s the weirdest thing. Above all emotions I am thankful, but I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy. Some days I have to sit myself down while having uneasy thoughts, to remind myself that this is a blessing. This is a time to be happy with the major change coming my way, and the title I am going to gain in a few months.

What I never considered or thought about before getting pregnant is the amount of advice that would come my way once I started showing. Sometimes it is incredibly overwhelming, but for the most part it has been helpful. As soon as I started showing, it was like the Mommy Brigade came out of nowhere with all the advice and tips and things to think about. I know that the advice comes out of love, but I have to be in the right mental space to receive it. There have been a few times when women (some of which I’ve never met before or had conversations with before) have come up to me with advice when I was already in my head and feeling nervous and anxious. The advice then became overwhelming and upsetting, although it was coming from a place of love and happiness. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to receive it, and after the first few times this happened I had to take some mental action. I then started an additional meditation practice that has been short yet effective. Now before I enter any class or public setting where I will more than likely encounter people that want to talk about pregnancy or mommyhood, I stop and take 10 deep breaths with my eyes closed and as little sound around me as I can control. Most times I do this in my car and so far it has worked wonders. I’m feeling more grounded and accepting to advice and tips and all the things people want to share.

There’s so much we go through while pregnant, and every experience is so different so there’s always something new or unexpected that’s going to happen. I wish I had all the answers, but then again I’m glad I don’t because making these personal self-discoveries has been enlightening and I feel like I’m learning more about myself every day. I’m sure once Baby K arrives I’ll learn even more as a mother. So much will change…and I’m ready for every challenge that comes my way!

Other random items to note, that I was not prepared for…

  1. Nosebleeds are normal- no need to freak out
  2. The first few times the baby kicked, I thought I had gas
  3. So this is what heartburn feels like…it’s quite uncomfortable
  4. Double hydration means triple the trips to the bathroom…or just stay close to a restroom at all times
  5. The extra mucus and saliva is really attractive in the morning
  6. My body temperature feels so different now. I was always the one complaining that the room is too chilly, and now I can’t stand feeling too warm and I always want the windows open. Fresh air is essential right now.
  7. I feel like I’m always being watched…I know this sounds funny but it’s true. When I’m around people I feel like there are always eyes on me. I’m positive that they’re either trying to figure out how far along I am in the pregnancy, and if I’m ok or struggling or in need of anything.
  8. There are such things as cute and fashionable pregnancy clothes. When I tell you I used to be 1000% AGAINST maternity clothing, hunnie I was SO against the stretchy waistbands and weird looking bras. What I didn’t know is that there are now soooooo many maternity clothing options (especially online) that offer CUTE clothing that is inconspicuously for moms to be! I’ve had to order “maternity” clothing that fits around my belly, and I’ve had to order some clothing that isn’t necessarily maternity, I just had to get bigger sizes! There are options for us ladies! WHEW!
  9. Sleep won’t come easy. I’m definitely that girl that moves a lot while sleeping. I sleep on my back, my sides and on my stomach…at least I used to! Now having to sleep on my side feels weird and restricting. I purchased the body pillow that helps me sleep on my side more comfortably and it has been great! I still toss and turn in my sleep but now I am more aware that I cannot sleep on my back because the pillow is there. Also…I’ve found that the few times that I’ve rolled onto my back (prior to purchasing the Boppy Body Pillow), those were the times when the heartburn came to me full-throttle and I was very unhappy.
  10. Large meals make me feel awful. Gone are the days of feeling “stuffed” from a nice meal. At this point I can eat half of a meal and feel beyond full and content. I’ve been eating so much fruit and small snacks to help me preserve energy