Athlete..not the first word I would use to describe myself, although I grew up participating in numerous sports. My mom kept me VERY active….Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Gymnastics, and Track. I was always doing something. And I’ve always loved sports and staying active, but after High School, my days as an “athlete” came to an end. (sad face)
So when I was approached by Stan “The Fan” Charles (Founder and Publisher of PressBox) about being featured in PressBox, I was SHOCKED! PressBox is a print and online publication all about sports. All sports, all the time. So Stan talked me into it…and I’m so glad and honored that he did!
I want to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Stan Charles for believing in me…and always supporting me! You’re the best!!! And thank you to Kyle Stackpole (Reporter) for the kind words and the great article!
This article reminded me that I AM an athlete! I was and always will be an athlete…the only difference is that now I’m in a league of my own and my only competition is myself. I compete with Rochelle everyday…I better myself everyday and I get stronger everyday. The physical work I do in the gym doesn’t compare to the mental strength I have gained through competing WITH MYSELF.
We are all athletes in our own right and to gain MVP status you have to work for it. The grind never stops and the game of life will always challenge you. Set goals, and demolish them. Never give up because the gold metal is very attainable. See you all at the finish line!!!