OK loves…so for the past few weeks I’ve been hearing rants and raves about a fitness studio called Cut Seven. I’ve had so many of my students, studio managers and fitness friends talk about Cut Seven being the ULTIMATE workout. So immediately I was captivated, and ready to book!

I log onto cutseven.com, create an account and pick a class! I reserved a spot in the Back/ Abs class (which was quickly waitlisted after I booked my spot) and was ready to go! One thing to note is that each day focuses on a different muscle group, or a combo of muscle groups. Like Monday was Arms/Ass, Wednesday was Chest/Heart, Thursday was Legs/Hammys and so forth. There are about 4-6 classes per day (Sundays are a bit lighter with 2 classes) , so you have plenty of opportunities each day to get it in! Also, there are only 16 spots per class, and I’ll explain why later…so if you want to get into a class, book it fast because the 16 spots go quickly!

Ok, so I get to Cut Seven and there was a little bit of time in between classes so I put my things away, got a quick feel for the space and met the owners’ dog Burpee (so sweet!). Once the door to the studio was opened, the next 16 students went in and it was ON! Chris (the instructor and co-owner of Cut Seven) greeted every student coming in the studio with a high-five. Once I entered that studio, it automatically felt like I was part of the team! Once we were all in, Chris gave a demo of the workout. There were 4 stations with different equipment, and each station would hold 4 students. The workout included 2 rounds of each group going to each station for 3 minutes per station. 3 minutes may sound like a short period of time, until you’re doing TRX pull-ups and slider crawls for the entire 3 minutes. 3 MINUTES FEELS LIKE FOREVER! But going to the various stations helped keep the workout fun.

So let me back up to the warm up. THE WARM UP WAS BEYOND INTENSE! We sprinted, we crawled, we did all of the things that left us almost breathless. Conversation at this point ceased because we were all gasping for air in between sets. What I love most about Cut Seven is the teamwork. Throughout the entire workout, you can hear screams and cheers, and high fives and we constantly cheer each other on. The workout is HARD, and the only way to get through it is as a team. I FREAKIN LOVE THAT! I made some new friends, was motivated by strangers (now friends) and they made me want to come back! So anywho, the warm-up was insanely amazing, the workout was intense and the cool-down was also great because Chris made sure we stretched every muscle that was worked. The studio aesthetically feels like a fun combine clinic and nightclub at the same time. It’s a smaller space but every inch of it is used so well that by the end of the class you feel like you worked out on an entire football field. The equipment is minimal and I love that! We did so much just using our bodyweight.

Anyone that wants an AMAZING workout MUST try Cut Seven! They just opened in January of 2017 and already the classes fill up quickly…because it’s just that good! Also, the owners are super sweet…and they’re husband and wife!!! (LOVE THAT) And some DMV residents might remember Chris Perrin from the Nike Training Club classes at Nike Georgetown (I used to be obsessed with Nike Training Club classes!). Both Chris and Alex are well-versed in the fitness industry. Chris is a Nike Trainer and worked with OrangeTheory Fitness, and Alex has worked with Flywheel and Solidcore! So basically, they’re knowledgeable, they know what’s up and they’re very familiar with boutique fitness! I can’t wait to go back and try the next muscle group combo! I think it’s safe to say that after the first class…I AM HOOKED! I can see this turning into my new obsession! See you all there!!!