Today I went to my OBGYN for my annual check up, and got the most incredible news! It was confirmed today that I am expecting!!! Pregnant! At this point I’m 7 weeks pregnant, and I had no idea! I’ve been feeling fine, no real sickness or nausea, so this news came as a complete SHOCK! I thought I knew my body more than anyone, so the fact that I really didn’t see this coming was mind-boggling to me! Right away, my world changed with this news.

My OCD brain automatically went into overdrive…starting with to-do lists in my mind, and how my world was about to change so much, and OMG MY BODY!!! Will this slow me down?! What about my workouts?! OMG I am not thrilled about having to gain weight! I’m being honest, all of these thoughts ran through my mind within the first few minutes of learning of the pregnancy. At that point I felt like the room was spinning and I had lost control. So many changes all at once, and I started feeling incredibly overwhelmed. How is my world now going to change?! Am I being selfish for having these thoughts? I work so hard to stay fit now, will I ever get back to this point again?!

My entire livelihood is centered on fitness! I LOVE working out, and I love helping my clients achieve their goals…now I will become the client! (GASP) I will have to tailor my workouts to accommodate a human inside my body, and for a while I won’t be able to workout like I can now! WHAT IN THE WORLD?! This might not seem like such a big deal to some, but for me I felt like I was being deprived water and food. How will I go on?!

PRAYER TIME!  As soon as I left the doctor’s office with my boyfriend (who is incredibly excited and cannot wait to see the progression of the pregnancy) I started praying. Praying for patience and understanding of the changes about to take place, praying for minimal cravings and pains, praying for no nausea, praying for the healthiest baby possible. Whew…I started feeling better about everything and suddenly felt like everything was going to be more than ok, everything is going to be amazing. Now I’m feeling honored and blessed that God chose me to be a mother, and I cannot think of any greater title to hold. Thank God for prayer.

So here’s my plan…to deliver an amazingly healthy baby boy or girl! This will require me to eat healthy, stay fit and very active, and keep my mental health in check, and I plan to take you all with me! I’ll keep you posted on what I’m eating, how I’m feeling, my workouts, my classes and what products I’m loving right now! Of course feel free to ask any questions or give any advice! The comment box below is all yours!!! Here’s to the next 9 months loves!!! Cheers!!