I am not a fan of cold weather!!! I live for Spring and Summer…and Fall (mainly Fall fashion). Winter is not my favorite time of year! I’m just not a fan of being cold. So needless to say, when I was recommended a fitness recovery mechanism that required extreme cold temperatures….I immediately frowned and said “No thank you”!
Now this recommendation came to me the day after I took a  3 mile run….after a pretty long running hiatus. So my legs were sore, and even after foam rolling for an hour, I knew I needed to do a little more to get my quads and hamstrings back to normal. So after a few minutes of mortified thoughts of shivering in a bitter cold chamber, I agreed to try it. AND IM GLAD I DID!!! I felt SO much better after my first Cryotherapy session!
So here’s a quick description of what Cryotherapy is, how it works and the benefits! (Taken straight from the Thrive CryoStudio site)

What is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is an innovative, holistic wellness solution that enables the human body to recover and rejuvenate itself naturally. During cryotherapy, the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures (for 1-3 minutes) to trigger the body’s most powerful mechanisms of self-protection, self-recovery and self-rejuvenation.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures stimulates thermoreceptors in the skin, activating a central nervous system (CNS) response. This results in your brain and CNS drawing blood from the periphery to the body’s core, circulating the blood through its vital organs. While circulating through the vital organs in the body’s core, the blood is enriched with red blood cells, oxygen and other essential nutrients and enzymes, while toxins and metabolic waste are broken down and removed. Once the cryotherapy session is complete, the enriched blood flows back to the body’s periphery where it promotes reduced inflammation, healing and recovery and boosts energy levels, mood and metabolic rates.

So let me tell you all how it went!! First of all, it wasn’t half as bad as I anticipated! I arrived, fill out some paperwork and was given a robe, socks and slippers, and gloves. I took off all my clothes (except the panties) and put on the socks, slippers, gloves and the rob. The Cryo manager opened the chamber to let me in…and a cloud the nitrogen came out and I felt the cold. IT WASNT THAT BAD!! So I stepped into the chamber, the door was closed, then the platform was elevated so that my head was outside of the chamber. Once my head was above the top of the chamber, I took my robe off and handed it to the manager. Then the fun began. For 3 minutes I shivered and it actually felt good. It was oddly refreshing. While in the Cryo chamber, I was told to rotate my body. After 3 quick minutes, I was given my robe back, lowered to the ground and exited the chamber. After a few minutes of stretching, I FELT AMAZING! My legs felt refreshed and not as sore form the Sunday run! I will definitely be going back! I’m so glad I got over my dislike for the cold, my body is grateful! Visit http://www.thrivecryostudio.com/ to setup your appointment today! Go check it out!!