New Mask Alert! You all know I live for skincare and I love a good facial or face mask. So I stumbled upon this Que Bella skincare line, and I thought “what the heck, I’ve never found a charcoal mask that I didn’t like”. Now I won’t say that I didn’t like the Que Bella Repairing Charcoal Mud Mask, but I will say that it’s not my favorite of all time.

My main quarrel with this mask is that the MENTHOL IS SO INTENSE!!! I needed a warning! I applied the mask onto my face (after cleansing) and not even 2 minutes into letting the mask dry, my eyes started to water. The menthol tingled so much that it felt like a cool burning sensation. Some people might like that intense cool burn, but it wasn’t for me…HOWEVER, when I rinsed the mask off my skin (about 15 minutes later) my skin felt AMAZING! My pores were tiny, my skin felt super refreshed, and my skin didn’t feel dry. I still applied my night cream after the mask, but there are some mask that leave my skin feeling like the Sahara Desert!  I also liked the consistency of the mask. It was creamy and thick and felt nourishing.

I give this Charcoal mask a 3/5. I wasn’t ready for how intense the menthol would be. The intensity did die down a little after a few minutes, but those first few minutes were kinda brutal. I won’t be using this mask again, but I may try some of the other Que Bella face masks in the future. And it might even be my fault because the packaging does say that the mask is for troublesome skin. I don’t really have troublesome skin, but I LOVE a charcoal mask so I thought I could handle it. I would recommend this mask to anyone with Acne or skin problems, but if you don’t have skin issues…avoid this mask!

How about you? Have you tried this Que Bella Charcoal Mud Mask? What did you think!?