I LOVE JUICE! There’s nothing like an all-natural, cold, refreshing glass of juice when its warm outside. So if you go to the refrigerated juice isle at your local grocery store….you’re 95% likely to find some juices that are considered “Cold-Pressed”.
There are numerous companies that make “cold-pressed” juices, and even more companies that encourage cold-pressed juice cleanses!
So you, like many other people might just pickup the bottle of juice without considering what a “cold-pressed juice” is…does it matter…is it safe…what is the difference?!

Cold pressing juice is a process where a machine presses the fruits and vegetables into a juice without using any heat. Basically, the machine presses the juice through the fruit or vegetable, while a regular juicer or blender grinds the fruit or vegetable using a fast spinning blade. That blade action adds the element of heat to the juice. Adding heat to the juice reduces the amount of nutrients that you consume.

Here are some of my favorite cold pressed juices!! Have you all tried any cold-pressed juices?! What did you think?! Some say cold-pressed juices taste fresher and more crisp…what do you think?!

Here are some of my favorite juices!