We all know that the holiday season can be tough when it comes to clean eating! There’s so much temptation! Between the office holiday parties, friend’s holiday parties and family gatherings, it’s almost impossible to resist all the delicious foods! Then on top of all the food, many of us will travel this holiday season to visit our loved ones. On top of the holiday parties and gatherings, if you travel you have to endure the horrendous airport food options! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH…the food court! I loathe airport food!

So in order to battle the awful airport food, during my last few trips out of BWI, I’ve made it a point to visit ROAM to get in a quick workout before boarding my flight, and I leave myself just enough time to get some fruit or a snack to take on the plane! After working out I have absolutely no desire to eat anything from the airport food court!

If you haven’t visited ROAM at BWI Airport lately, you’ve got to go! It has everything you need to get in a workout before you’re stuck on a plane with little opportunity to move! If you’re anything like me, you also get extremely restless when you cannot move your body for a while. It drives me insane! ROAM gives me a little relief when I workout before the flight! So do yourself a favor and go visit ROAM the next time you to fly out of BWI! You won’t regret it!

AND wait, there’s more! ROAM is in the holiday spirit of GIVING! So now (until Dec 31st) if you visit ROAM and purchase a 1 Day pass for yourself, they will give you a $25 ROAM gift card to gift to a loved one! Share the sweat! Spread the joy!


Visit roamfitness.com for more details! I hope you all have a safe and merry holiday season! Love to you all! <3