If you’re anything like me…you’re always looking for ways to detox. A good detox makes me feel great! I sleep better, my skin is radiant, I have more energy…all things are rejuvenated! So when I heard that I could detox my body through my feet…I was intrigued!

So I scheduled myself for an Ion Cleanse and let me tell you…t was an experience. The Ion Cleanse was pain-free, super easy and relaxing. All I did was sit with my feet in a basin of warm water for 30 minutes. The machine in the basin did all the work, and while I relaxed, I watched toxins leave my body and the water changed colors!

So the Ion Cleanse machine generates a  mix of positive and negative ions, which attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles and draw them out of the body through pores in the feet. The practitioner told me that the soles of the feet have the largest pores on our bodies, which makes the Ion Cleanse a great way to detox the body. What’s really cool about the Ion Cleanse, is that the water changes colors based on the toxins leaving your body!

Now I’ll also admit that I was really skeptical before doing the Ion Cleanse. I didn’t know if it would be really effective, so I wanted to try for myself and feel the results. I’m less skeptical now because, while I was getting the Ion Cleanse, there were 3 other people next to me getting the Ion Cleanse, and we all had different results. All of our water basins looked different. This leads me to believe that there is some truth to the Ion Cleanse.

I also want to note that with most detox treatments, I feel differently after the treatment is done. With the Ion Cleanse I didn’t feel a huge difference in my mood, energy or anything really. I did feel less congested after the treatment, and there was mucus that released in the water through my feet (which I thought was a little weird and disgusting) but after the Ion Cleanse my breathing was much better.

All in all, I would do it again. It was relaxing and interesting to note what toxins were leaving my body. I’d give the Ion Cleanse a 3.5 out of 5 stars.What do you think?! Have you ever had an Ion Cleanse? What did you think?!