Who knew a growing belly would itch so much?!? I always wondered why pregnant women were constantly rubbing their bellies, and now I totally understand why! The more my skin stretches out to allow the baby to grow, the more my skin itches! And with it being winter, the cold weather makes keeping the skin moisturized even more crucial. Pregnancy has really opened my eyes to how much the body can change and how just a small change can affect so much!

I always remembered my mother keeping around a yellow stick of coco butter when she was pregnant, so when I started noticing my belly growing and itching, I went to the drug store to look for the same yellow stick! To my dismay I couldn’t find it, BUT I received a package from my good friend Cat that included a belly butter that I have now fallen in love with!

The Belly Butter by Glow 9 Organics is THE BEST! So far I tried Bio Oil, and Coco Butter on my belly and both seem to dissolve pretty quickly. This Belly Butter however, does not and I absolutely LOVE it! Its made with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Macadamia Nut, Organic Grapeseed Oil and Organic Sweet Almond Oil! It has no Parabens, no Synthetics, no Dyes, and no Artificial Fragrances (which is really important because some smells make me feel light-headed nowadays). When I apply the Belly Butter it is nice and thick but it absorbs like butter! It’s not sticky or too oily, it’s just right! It also promotes skin elasticity, which really helps the itchy feeling go down and it’s incredibly moisturizing so my belly never looks ashy! Hallelujah!

I give this Belly Butter 5 stars and will continue to use it on my belly even after I give birth in June! Check out the link below to order your Belly Butter and let me know what you think Mamacitas!

Glow Organics 9 Organic Belly Butter (Pure)