MirrorWho doesn’t want a body like the amazing Ballet dancer Misty Copeland? Her long and lean and incredibly toned body is one to be envious of…but also a goal that is totally attainable. Of course she has worked incredibly hard for her amazing physique…and we can do just the same! We can have that Misty Copeland body…we just have to train for it!

So let’s try a Barre class! That’s the answer! To look like a Ballerina you have to train your muscles like a Ballerina! So… I hopped over to Pop Physique in Baltimore to attend a Barre class!

Barre classes are ballet-inspired workouts that help develop lean muscle mass, and improve flexibility and balance. We use the physical barre in class to help us balance while doing isometric exercises (the body stays still while you contract certain muscles). In class we use light weights and a ball for added resistance. Balls

Let me tell you…barre classes are no joke. This was not my first barre class, and each class seems to get harder and harder, but I know that I do get stronger with each class. Barre may LOOK easy, but it is everything but easy. Although the weights are light, by the end of class you will feel like you’ve been lifting heavy weights because we do so many reps. You will do a lot of holding various positions, then pulsing. It’s not a super intense cardio class, but your muscles will definitely feel the burn!! Do yourself a favor and try a barre class! You will leave sore but feel very satisfied. You will work every muscle group in your body, and activate muscles that you might not have worked in a long time.

PopPhysicOnce you take a few barre classes you will understand how Misty Copeland is so amazing. Try a barre class and let me know what you think!!!