Fiber…many people talk about needing it, but few know why our bodies need fiber, and where to find it naturally in food. Of course we hear about fiber in commercials…about relieving constipation, but there are other health benefits of fiber!

Fiber is a plant carbohydrate that the body does not break down easily through digestion. Fiber can either be dissolved in water (Soluble Fiber) or not (Insoluble Fiber). Fiber helps our bodies pass food through the body through digestion. Not only does fiber keep our bowel movements regular and healthy, but fiber can also slow the absorption of sugar, which helps control blood sugar levels (very important for those living with Diabetes). Fiber also helps lower total blood cholesterol levels! Fiber-rich foods also help us feel full, which helps maintain healthy body weight! In other words…FIBER IS IMPORTANT SO MAKE SURE YOU’RE GETTING YOUR FIBER DAILY!!

Here are some easy ways to get more Fiber in your diet daily…

-Eat fruit! Try to consume more fruits by eating them, instead of drinking them. Many fruits contain skin and flesh that is high in fiber, so when we juice our fruits and get rid of the skin and flesh…we are getting rid of the fiber too.

-Limit your daily intake of meats and dairy. Meat and dairy foods do not contain fiber. This is why meat and dairy foods are harder to digest and stay in your system longer! I’m not saying don’t eat them…just try to limit your intake!

-Grains are great! Let me rephrase that WHOLE GRAINS ARE GREAT! Stay AWAY from refined grains! Refined grains have had the nutritious vitamins, minerals and fibers removed during processing. So refined grains really have no nutritional stay away from them!

-Love on your Legumes! Legumes are dried beans and peas…and they are PACKED with fiber and protein! Try adding legumes to your meals!

-Plant Power! Add more plants to your diet! Fiber is only found in plants…so of course adding more plants to your diet will increase your fiber intake! (Think broccoli, parsnips and brussels sprouts)


There you have it folks! Now go eat your fiber and go be great!