Final stretch Fab Fam! My little man can arrive at any moment now, and I just can’t wait to meet him! Everyday that passes I get a little more anxious…and over being pregnant. Maybe one day I will say “oh, I miss being pregnant”, but that day is not today. I’m in this “nesting” phase now where I am constantly getting my house together to welcome the baby, organizing all the clothes, buying everything I think I will need all while trying to not stress over the smallest things. Venturing out into the world while pregnant becomes less desirable with each day that passes, and with every pound I gain. Not only is all this weight I’ve gained make moving more difficult, but it’s also making me more hormonal and less patient when dealing with people out in the world. Lately I’ve been avoiding certain conversations to keep my mental peace, and temper as pleasant as possible. So today I want to discuss 2 things that I believe people should avoid saying or discussing when talking to a pregnant woman!

  1. MY APPEARANCE! I am beyond aware that I am much larger now than I used to be! I see myself everyday in the mirror, so I do not need you to comment on how big I am! In fact, unless you are about to tell me how strong I am, how much I am glowing, or how great I look…keep every single thought you are having, to yourself. DO NOT comment on how much weight I’ve gained, how my complexion has changed, how I am “ready to pop”, how big my baby is going to be, how you think I may be having twins, how round my face and nose have gotten, or anything else that you want to point out about my appearance. Failure to keep these comments to yourself will result in either complete avoidance of your existence, the most fake smile you’ve ever seen followed by me turning away from you, or a quick response that might not be so pleasant. I am now trying to protect my energy and my inner peace, so you need to keep all of these comments to yourself. Thanks.
  2. THE WORD “JUST”! JUST don’t use this word in conversation with me right now! Comments like “oh it’s JUST X pounds”, “why don’t you JUST…”, or “JUST do this instead of X” will quickly raise my blood pressure. Using the word “JUST” is a quick way to get on my last nerve. When I hear the word JUST, my brain automatically hears “it’s not that big of a deal”. Well, it is a big deal to me (whatever it is that we’re talking about), and don’t belittle the things that matter to me! Maybe after I have this baby, the word JUST won’t sound so piercing anymore, but for right now…just eliminate the word in your conversation with me!

Ok loves, that’s about it right now. These are the 2 things that irk me at this point in my pregnancy, but other than this I’d say I’m doing great! In fact, I’m wonderful! Life is good, I’m feeling blessed and I’m so excited for this next chapter in my life! I can’t wait to meet my little prince and start having some fun with him! So Moms out there…what irked you to hear while pregnant? Let me hear the most outrageous things you heard while pregnant!