So loves…this review is going to be short and sweet. I stumbled across this Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals clay mask by Freeman, and was very excited to try it. I LOVE a good face mask, and I had been having a few rough days and my skin was showing signs of stress and fatigue. So I took it as a sign! My skin looks stressed, this mask is for stressed skin…I’LL TRY IT!

Well, that was my first and last time trying this mask. It did absolutely nothing for my skin! I felt nothing while I applied it, felt nothing while it was drying…BUT, I did feel a little bit of relief and tingle as I rinsed the mask off. My face did feel very clean (which is nice), but it was no different that when I clean my skin with my Clairisonic. Once the mask was off, my skin did feel a little tighter which is also nice, but I immediately applied my moisturizer. So all-in-all the face mask wasn’t my favorite and I won’t be purchasing this one again. I’ve used other clay masks that were amazing, so I’ll just stick with what I know and love!

I don’t suggest this Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask…there are other options that work wonders for my skin! Have you tried this mask? Did you like it? I’m now apprehensive to try any of the other facial products my Freeman…I don’t like to waste my time or my coins! Let me know if you suggest any other facial products by Freeman! MAYBE I’ll give it a try if it comes with a raving recommendation!