So last year I was certified to teach Kangoo Jumps, and I absolutely LOVED it! I was teaching 2-3 times per week in Baltimore, and my students were improving and seeing great results! I absolutely miss my classes and students! I had to leave Baltimore for a new position with a new company, and in December of 2016 I was relocated to Washington, DC. I would absolutely love to bring Kangoo Jumps classes to Washington, DC…however, there aren’t any studios in DC with the Kangoo Jumps boots!

So here’s where you come in! I am looking to start teaching Kangoo Jumps again…but INDEPENDENTLY! I have found a space to rent for a weekly class, but now I must purchase the boots! I’d like to start out with 10 pairs of boots for students to rent while in class! I also need to purchase scheduling software so that students can reserve their spot and boots online! So, the cost of the boots, shipping and scheduling software costs $2850 total. Any donation you can contribute is SO greatly appreciated! I’d like to start teaching again in April, so we can get our summer bodies together!
What is Kangoo Jumps Dance?

Kangoo Jumps Dance is a 45-minute intense cardiovascular workout that combines dance moves, running and jumping set to upbeat music that makes you want to move!
Kangoo Jumps shoes essentially act like shock absorbers on your feet, giving you a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness, minus the added stress on your joints. Rebound exercises could be effective for both increasing oxygen uptake (also called VO2, a way to measure effort when you exercise) and cardiovascular health.

Engaging in Kangoo Jumps regularly will  improve your balance, get your heart pumping, reduce body fat, help firm your legs, strenghten your muscles, and get you dancing through life! Basically Kangoo Jumps is a full body, high intensity workout with little impact! You will burn calories, work every muscle in your body and leave  sweaty and satisfied!

Cant wait to see you in class! And again thank you so much from your contribution, support and love!