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Thanks for stopping by! I’m here to help. If needed, I’m willing to hold your hand and help you reach your fitness and wellness goals, one step at a time.  I’m sure you’ve tried this before and because of that I am here to offer the most hands on personable, fitness experience of your life… let’s do it again, together!  A healthy lifestyle is not a race, it’s a journey and what we do together along the way will help you reach and maintain your health and weight loss goals. Ready yet? 

We’ve become increasingly aware of how important diet and exercise are to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, decreasing our risk of countless diseases and physical limitations.  Do your questions look like these?

I’ve arrived at the gym, now what?

I’ve popped in a DVD or my favorite fitness channel and I’m not getting results?

I’ve eliminated fried foods and my cholesterol levels have not changed?

I am still insulin dependent, and I go to Zumba twice a week?

You’re not alone!

As your personal wellness coach, I take holistic approach to understanding that weight loss and  weight loss management isn’t just something we approach from the number on the scale.  We eat for different reasons, we gain weight in different areas, we lose, plateau and regain weight differently, so I create personalized plans for each of my clients, however everyone can stop by my site for information geared specifically for their very own needs.

Fab Fitness is your one stop shop to meet and exceed your lifestyle goals and expectations!

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