Do you ever get severe anxiety about missing a flight? Yea, I always do. I’m that girl that shows up to the airport 3 hours early because I’m afraid of missing the flight or sitting in traffic or whatever could possibly go wrong. So now I’m at the airport super early with nothing to do but walk around and avoid all the terrible airport food. NOT ANYMORE!!! Someone finally thought of me, and created a gym INSIDE the airport!!! Now I have something to do!!!

If you live in the DMV and ever travel out of BWI airport, you can now WORKOUT IN THE AIRPORT!! Don’t sit for hours waiting for your flight…go hit the ROAM gym! I got to visit the ROAM gym and I was impressed! The facility is nice with everything you need for a full-body workout! They have cardio equipment, free weights, medicine balls and a TRX system! They have nice showers with great smelling soap and shampoo and conditioner…and they even give you a bag for your sweaty gym clothes and they air- vacuum the bag so that the smell won’t get into your carry-on luggage! They thought of everything! And if you forgot your workout clothes, they have clothes and exercise shoes you can buy OR rent! I mean, I’m really impressed with this gym! It’s easy to find at BWI airport, and its clean! Ok and last thing, you don’t need a membership! They do offer memberships, but if you’re just taking a quick trip you can purchase a day pass! No commitment! They have everything you need! So now I don’t have to sit and twiddle my thumbs waiting for my flight…. I can hit the ROAM gym real quick, get my sweat on, shower and still make my flight! That workout might even help me sleep on the plane (which is always a struggle for me). I love this place! If you want to checkout the ROAM gym at BWI, visit

The next time you fly out of BWI, visit the ROAM gym and let me know what you think!