Looking for a fun way to get fit? GRAB A POLE AND SPIN!
I had the pleasure of visiting the new Pole Pressure Baltimore studio this past week and the ladies helped me unleash my inner sexy that doesn’t come out as often! LOL
While many people still think that pole dancing is only for strippers…I challenge them to take a Pole Fitness class! It’s Pole FITNESS! And it’s not easy! Pole Fitness helps build strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence! Because you are lifting your own body weight and moving against gravity…the strength training work is insane! This wasn’t my first Pole Fitness class, so I knew what to expect…but I hadn’t attended a class in over a year so I was a little rusty.
So we started with a warm-up (pretty standard for any fitness class) then we worked our way to the pole! Starting with struts and moving on to spins and tricks, and before I knew it my muscles were feeling it! I especially felt it in my shoulders, biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles!
I GOT IN A GOOD WORKOUT and I was sexy doing it! WHO KNEW?!
 If you want a good workout that is far from boring…you have to try a Pole Fitness class! There are always Groupon and Living Social deals for Pole Fitness classes, so sign up for one today! Trust me…you will learn to love the Pole! (guys, thank me later 😉 LOL)